Upcoming Pen Dragons Workshops

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Non-members may register, if space allows, at the close of the members-only period until workshop fills or 2 weeks prior to the workshop, a non-member fee of $20 applies.

Non-refundable payment for the full registration fee is due at the time of registration.

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Suggest an Instructor or Topic

What calligraphy workshop would you like to attend? Have you heard about a great instructor that you and others would like to come to teach in this area? Contact us and let us know.

Please be advised that many quality instructors are scheduling two or more years out.

Recent Pen Dragons Workshops

Pen Dragons has always prided itself on bringing top instructors to the Kalamazoo area for workshops on various calligraphic hands and techniques.


Spotlights are mini-workshops (1-day or less) for current and prospective Guild members. They are designed for beginning calligraphers and Guild members who would like a quick refresher in a calligraphic hand or technique. Calligraphers who might be accomplished in other styles may wish to sample a new script or application at a Spotlight.

Spotlight instructors are often members of the Guild themselves who have skills they are willing to share.

Pen Dragons generally offers one or two of these opportunities per year. There are none currently scheduled for the remainder of 2019.

For more information on Spotlight Registration Policies click here.


Financial assistance may be available for Guild members for up to half of workshop or spotlight tuition; limits apply. Contact Pen Dragons for more information. Scholarship policies are under review by the Board of Directors at this time.